3 Tips For Maintaining An Industrial Generator

Posted on: 22 March 2017


Industrial generators can have a long lifespan with proper maintenance. Regardless of if your generator is new or used, regular maintenance is necessary. In addition to taking care of the generator, there are basic rules that you should keep in mind to not only ensure functionality but also safety for everyone. Here are a few tips for maintaining your generator.  

Regularly Inspect the Generator

Prior to buying the generator, you likely had it inspected to confirm it was operational and in good condition. Now that you own the industrial generator, you need to keep up with the inspections. A thorough inspection of the generator needs to occur on a monthly basis to verify that it is operating at its best.  

The inspection needs to include a check for damage, missing parts, and fluids. You also need to change out the filters if they are clogged and make any adjustments that need to be made. If you do not have experience with inspecting industrial generators, schedule inspections with a professional.  

Power on the Generator

When a generator is not in use, there are several things that happen to its components. For instance, the lubricants that help to keep the engine oiled start to dry out and the fuel starts to deteriorate within it. If you have to use the generator in the future, it might not start and you could be left without the power needed.  

To avoid this, the generator needs to be powered on at least once a month. By exercising the generator, you help to ensure the engine remains lubricated and that the fuel does not deteriorate or become contaminated.  

Read the Manual

Your industrial generator has needs that are specific to that particular manufacturer and model. Any additional steps beyond the basics that you need to take to maintain the generator should be included in your manual. It is imperative that you take the time to read the manual to gain an understanding of those tasks.  

The manual can also provide you with information about your warranty. You need to know which maintenance steps are required to avoid voiding your warranty. For instance, you might be required to change out components, such as the spark plugs, on a timetable to avoid voiding your warranty based on insufficient care of the generator.  

Talk to your industrial generator dealer to learn of other ways you can maintain it. You can also call in a professional generator maintenance service to help you keep it in working condition. Contact a company like Scott's Emergency Lighting & Power Generation Inc to learn more.