Problems Aviation Borescopes Have And How To Fix Them

Posted on: 18 May 2017


There are three types of aviation borescopes. Each one has its own potential problems and unique repair needs. Before you buy an aviation borescope to use on your own plane, make sure you understand how each type of borescope can break and the aviation borescope repairs needed to fix them.

The Inspection Borescope

An inspection borescope is an instrument that has a couple of different scope lengths and two different head movement options. It is a multi-purpose aviation scope that provides its user with multiple options for viewing inside very tiny spaces in control dashboards and plane engines. They are usually made of tungsten, which prevents the scopes themselves from being broken. With this type of scope, the potential break issues have to do with the screen and controls. 

The screens are almost always LCD (or liquid crystal display). If you have ever pressed on a digital watch face and had the pressure change the screen into different waves of color, this is an LCD screen. Such screens are prone to damage because the liquid crystal medium inside can leak out when the screen is cracked. Additionally, the joystick control can wear out or break and may need replacement when it does.

Aviation DVR Videoscopes

This type of borescope can record, fast-forward, rewind, and play back all of the images you see on your borescope screen. Unfortunately, that means that your function buttons and the recording features inside the camera can be damaged. All it takes is a glass of liquid or a couple of hard knocks on the camera face to break it. On the flip side, because it is so very much like a digital camera with video recording features, you can take it to a camera shop for repairs.

The Compact Mountable Scope

Sometimes you just need a few extra inches to get the scope end of the borescope to the point in the plane that you need most to see. That is where compact borescopes come in handy. These scopes fit into the palm of your hand, and the mounting accessory helps you stretch the scope end farther while still viewing things on the screen. The mount is magnetic, which means that users never have to screw or bolt the mount to any part of the plane.

Unfortunately, the adjustable parts of the mount have a tendency to break. That is where some of your repairs may happen. Usually, these little scopes have fewer issues with damaged and cracked screens and more problems with their accessories and the scope cord. If your scope cord does not seem to be transmitting information to the screen, you may need to replace it.