4 Advantages of Using a Pneumatic Conveyor System

Posted on: 26 September 2017


If your business currently uses a mechanical conveyor system, and need to update your conveyor system, a pneumatic conveyor system may be a worthwhile upgrade for your business to invest in. A pneumatic conveyor system offers certain tactical advantages over a mechanical conveyor system that can be beneficial for your business.

#1 It Adds Flexibility

If you already have equipment set-up, a pneumatic conveyor system is a great choice because it offers a high degree of flexibility. With a mechanical conveyor system, all of the pipes have to be set up in a straight path. You cannot really change the path of the pipes on a mechanical conveyor system.

With a pneumatic conveyor system, it does not have to be set up in a specific manner. The set-up of the machine can be customized to fit the layout and set-up of your business. The bends of the machine can be customized so that it works with your set-up, which is crucial if you are replacing an older mechanical machine and don't have the budget to redesign the space to work for your new machine.

#2 It Takes Up Less Space

Pneumatic conveyor systems are also better than mechanical systems because they take up less space. If you don't have a lot of space, this is a great feature. Since pneumatic conveyor systems can be set-up to move around existing obstacles and don't have to be set up in a particular manner, they take up less space.

This can allow you to use the space where you had your old mechanical conveyor system for multiple purposes. You can make sure of that space for additional equipment and maximize your space.

#3 It Eliminates Dust Risk

Next, pneumatic conveyor systems can help reduce the risk of dust getting into your system. Dust can really derail your conveyor system. Pneumatic conveyor systems are set-up to be enclosed, which means none of their elements are exposed. Mechanical conveyor systems are not enclosed, which means that you have to be constantly fighting back against dust and working to keep dust from compromising your system.

#4 It Requires Less Maintenance

Finally, pneumatic conveyor systems do not have as many moving parts. This means that they don't have as many parts that need to be taken care of, reducing the overall maintenance time you need to dedicate to your conveyor system.

A pneumatic conveyor system is a solid choice if you need to upgrade your conveyor system. It provides added flexibility, takes up less space and requires less maintenance compared to a mechanical conveyor system. To learn more about your options, contact services like HAF Equipment Inc.