3 Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Pool Pump

Posted on: 19 March 2018


An in-ground pool is an excellent way to boost the value of your home and offer a fun option for recreation and exercise. However, owning a pool requires a lot of maintenance to keep it running well. Failing to do so will lead to expensive repairs. If you've had your pool for a while, and you've noticed a few problems, there may be some damage to the pool pump or motor, which requires repairs or total replacement. Check out these three signs that something is wrong with your pump.

1. The Pump Is Getting Old

Like every piece of your pool, the pump won't last forever. If your pump is nearing the end of its expected life, even just continuing to maintain the part is a waste of time and money. Instead, replace it for one that requires less maintenance because it is newer. Another problem with older pumps is they may have outdated or discontinued parts. If you need a repair on these systems, it may be expensive or impossible to find the right parts.

2. There Is Damage to the Housing

The housing that protects the pump can eventually become cracked or develop dry rot. Over time, this affects the quality of the pump, and it will need to be repaired or replaced. If the damaged housing is your only concern, a repair is your best Choice. However, it's likely more parts may need to be repaired, such as the pump lid and impeller. If the total costs of these repairs are close, equal, or more than the cost of a total replacement, it may be best just to get a new one, especially if your pump is old and will need to be replaced soon anyway.

3. The Motor Makes Strange Sounds

Another area that may develop problems is the motor, and your best tool for spotting damage to the motor is your ear. If there is something wrong with the pump's motor, there will typically be unusual noises, such as screeching, grinding, humming or popping. All of these sounds indicate something may be wrong with the motor, such as a leaky shaft seal, flooding, the capacitor, etc. However, motors should make noise, so if you don't hear anything coming from the motor, check to see if it is connected to a power source. If it is, then the motor is likely dead.

A pool pump is just one piece of your entire pool system, but when it doesn't work, there are serious consequences. If you have noticed any of these problems, there may be something wrong with the pump or motor, so contact a pool pump service like Speck Pumps.