Making Sure That Your Site Is Ready For Deliveries

Posted on: 10 April 2018


Working in the construction industry means that most of the time you are working on job sites that have yet to be developed completely so moving things on and off the site can be a challenge. Preparing the site to allow for construction material deliveries is important. Without materials and equipment, you can not get the job done.

Making Sure Your Roads Are Solid

If you are working on a site that has only unimproved roads going to it, it is important that you take the time and check the road before any materials are delivered. If the road has soft spots, you need to fill them with gravel or some other material that will help shore up the road and make it passable with a large truck. If the truck gets stuck and you have not taken care of the road, you could be responsible for the cost of recovering the truck.

Trimming Trees Along The Route

Overhanging trees can be a challenge for large trucks and since most of your supplies will be delivered that way, it is up to you to take care of the limbs hanging over the road once it becomes a private road. Since you are looking up anyway, take a minute and look for low hanging wires and other obstacles that could cause a problem for a delivery vehicle or other large truck. If they can be removed, take them down, if not you may have to get someone to come out and help you. Remember that moving or even lifting public utilities wires can only be done by them. If you have a low hanging wire that needs to be raised, give the utility company that owns it a call and see if they can help you by raising or removing the wires for you.

Be Ready To Unload Equipment Or Materials

If you know that your load or shipment is coming in, have the right people and equipment for unloading the truck available and on standby. If the truck arrives but has to sit around for hours waiting to get unloaded, it can back the deliveries up to other contractors. Get the truck in, unloaded, and off the work site as quickly as possible so the next truck can get in to unload as well. When you are unloading, Try not to stack up materials in places that are going to make it hard to get by or driver around. The site should remain clean and neat so that it always easy to work on and easy to get in and out of.