Here's Why You Need To Make Sure Your Piping Is Supported

Posted on: 13 May 2019


If you work with any kind of industrial-grade piping like the pipes you might use for a gas supply line or the piping used to move liquids during an industrial manufacturing process, you will want to make sure your pipes have proper support. Piping without the right pipe hangers to keep them in place might become a safety hazard or otherwise lose effectiveness. Here are three reasons why you need to make sure your pipes are supported with pipe hangers today.

You Want a Professional Look, Not a Quick Fix

This is your company, isn't it? It's likely you take some pride in the way you and your employees conduct business and that should hopefully extend to the way you install and extend your piping. In some cases, it might seem like using a wooden or cement block or plank to hold up or maintain a pipe in place is good enough, but "good enough" isn't how you do business. With the right pipe hanger in place, you can ensure that you have the same confidence in the safety and long-term durability of your piping installation as you do with every other aspect of your company.

Gain Freedom for How Your Pipes Are Routed

If you don't have professional-grade pipe hangers to keep your piping in place, you might not have the confidence needed to try a creative piping design. But if you are 100 percent confident that the piping you install isn't going to move an inch once the hangers are installed, this may allow you to try a more creative design. You can route piping higher up in the air, across the ceiling of your warehouse or workshop, once you know that your support system is strong enough to maintain it without any mishaps. You can then use the additional space gained from this more creative route for other tasks within your warehouse or production facility.

Protection From Lawsuits

A good pipe support system provided by pipe hangers won't just provide a safe working environment on a daily basis, but it could also help prevent legal trouble if something does go wrong. If a pipe provided by your business breaks down or falls and someone is injured, there might be people looking for someone to blame. If it can be proven that the pipe support system put in place by the piping company was not sufficient enough, you could be in legal trouble. A good set of pipe hangers gives you the ability to state that you held up your end of the bargain.

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