Tips For Properly Maintaining A Dust Collecting System

Posted on: 23 July 2019


A dust collecting system is an essential piece of equipment in any manufacturing plant or factory. A high-quality dust collecting system ensures that plant or factory employees are breathing clean air and also protects other equipment that could be damaged by a buildup of dust or dust contamination. While a dust collecting system is a very wise investment, they are not inexpensive, so a company is sure to want their plant or factory's dust collecting system to operate efficiently for as long as possible. The key to making this happen is to ensure that the dust collecting system is properly maintained and taken care of. Use the following tips to maintain your plant or factory's dust collecting system:

Schedule Regular Inspections

One of the keys to maintaining a dust collecting system to ensure that it runs efficiently and lasts for as long as possible is scheduling regular inspections. If you are unsure of who to hire to conduct regular inspections, contact the manufacturer for local suggestions. Regular inspections will help ensure that minor issues are identified and repaired before they turn into major problems that can affect how the dust collecting system operates. In addition, an inspection can discover any parts that are worn out or near the end of their life so the proper replacement parts can be ordered and installed.

Provide Comprehensive Training

Anyone who will be turning the dust collecting system on or off or is in charge of checking or replacing the filters should undergo comprehensive training. This will help ensure that the dust collecting system is not mishandled or does not get damaged because it is being operated by an inexperienced user. Training the employees who will have anything to do with your plant or factory's dust collecting system is also very important from a safety standpoint.

Keep the Hopper Dust Free

All dust collection systems are equipped with a hopper. This is the part of a dust collecting system that transfers all of the dust collected into a storage area. It is extremely important to check the hopper often and make sure that it is dust-free. When there is dust buildup inside the hopper, the entire dust collecting system will begin operating less efficiently. Dust buildup inside the hopper of a dust collecting system also poses a serious fire risk, which is another reason that it is essential to keep it completely free of dust buildup at all time.