Tips When Winterizing Windows With Plastic Sheeting

Posted on: 22 March 2021


Sometimes it can get really cold during the winter months. Fortunately, there are things you can do to your home to counteract cold temperatures. One of these is winterizing windows. If you plan on doing this with plastic sheeting, take these actions to get the best results.

Gather Dimensions of Windows

The great thing about plastic sheeting is suppliers can cut it for you. That saves you extra steps. However, so that your plastic sheeting is cut the right way, you need to know exactly how big the windows are in your home that you're going to winterize.

Gather the dimensions of the windows first before getting plastic sheeting so that you know what to request from the sheeting supplier. Length and height are all that you need to focus on. If you get them right, the plastic sheeting will be sized perfectly to cover each window entirely so that drafts won't be an issue. 

Find Quality Tape

Since you're not going to be leaving plastic sheets on your windows forever, you need to find a temporary way to secure them to your windows. Tape is usually the best resource for this purpose, but you need to make sure the tape is quality. This way, your sheets stay on your windows until the winter season starts winding down. Try finding tape that is specifically designed to hold plastic sheets. Then you won't have to keep adjusting sections throughout the day or starting this window winterizing process all over again with new sheets. 

Shrink Plastic Sheeting With Heat

After you get done securing plastic sheeting to your windows to keep out cold drafts, there may be some loose sections. That's okay but you'll just want to shrink these sections with heat. All you need for this step is a blow dryer. You can use it to heat up the plastic sheeting. In no time, it will shrink and then you'll have a tight and secure fit around your windows. This is an important step for ensuring sections don't come off and let cold drafts come through.

Windows are a pretty common source for cold air to get in through during the winter months. That's why a lot of homeowners winterize them. If you plan on doing this with plastic sheets, then take your time getting together the right supplies and using quality techniques when putting these sheets in place. For more information, contact a company that provides light duty clear plastic sheeting supplies.