Use Heating Oil In Your Home? 5 Ways To Save Money

Posted on: 1 June 2021


Heating oil is commonly used as a fuel source for homes. If you use heating oil in your home and often have it delivered, you will want to know how to save money on your heating oil and thus energy costs.

1. Upgrade Your Furnace

First, you are going to want to upgrade the heating equipment that you use in your home. For example, if your furnace is aging, you will want to invest in a new heating-oil-operated furnace or boiler that is designed to be energy-efficient. In addition, you want a furnace that meets EPA emission standards.  

2. Shop Around for an Oil Provider

Second, you should shop around for an oil provider. You can spend a few minutes calling multiple home heating oil delivery services in your area and find out their prices. You can switch to a lower-priced provider, or you can see if you can get your current provider to match their competitor's price.

3. Be Strategic About When You Fill Up

Third, you will want to be strategic about when you fill up your heating oil tank. If possible, you will want to fill up your heating oil tank in the summer. That's when demand is lower and prices tend to below as well. If your tank is empty or low, don't mess up on the chance to fill it up in the summertime.

4. Get a Larger Tank

Fourth, you may want to consider getting a larger heating oil tank that will allow you to store more heating oil. Being able to store more heating oil will allow you to fill up on more oil during the summertime when the prices are lower and more affordable.

5. Get a Delivery During the Week

Fifth, you are going to want to be smart about when you get your heating oil delivered. Consider getting your heating oil delivered during the week. Don't get the fuel delivered during the weekend or after hours. Likewise, avoid having to get fuel delivered during a bad weather event. Be smart about when you schedule your deliveries.

If you use heating oil as a fuel source for your home, and you want to save money on the fuel, shop around and compare prices, be strategic about when you fill up your tank based on day of the week and time of the year. Invest in a larger tank and upgrade to a more efficient furnace. Contact a heating service for more information.