The Ultimate Guide To Storing Metric Fasteners

Posted on: 31 August 2021


If you have a job that involves working with a lot of metric fasteners -- such as head screws and nuts -- then you'll want to have sound storage measures put together. Then you'll be able to find certain fasteners quickly and offer superior protection to them. These tips can help you come up with the perfect storage plan regardless of the metric fasteners that are in your possession.

Apply a Protective Lubricant Before Storing

Whatever storage solution or structure you plan on using with metric fasteners, there is one thing you want to do prior to putting them up. That's applying the proper lubricant to them. This will make the fasteners a lot easier to drive through materials once they are taken out of storage.

Additionally, there are some lubricants that offer protective qualities for metric fasteners. So while your fasteners are in storage, the lubricants can keep them in better condition compared to if they were just left exposed.

Find Storage Solutions With Handles 

You may want to keep a lot of metric fasteners with you when you travel to different work sites where they'll be needed. In that case, you need to use some sort of storage solution that has a handle.

Then you can easily grip the storage solution and keep fasteners from spilling out or becoming disorganized in their separate compartments. There are plenty of toolboxes that have a portable design and that are specifically geared towards fasteners. They can help you travel with a lot of fasteners in a convenient fashion.

Make Sure Dividers Are Large Enough

If you have many different metric fastener varieties in your possession, you'll want to keep them separate so that they're easy to find when the right projects call for them. You can aid proper separation by getting a storage solution with large enough dividers.

They can help you store a lot of the same type of fastener. Also, there will be plenty of space in each compartment to put in custom dividers if you ever want to create more separation. That might be needed if you keep investing in different fastener varieties over the years.

Metric fasteners are a staple resource to use when combining materials together. If you use the right storage practices with them over the years, working with these materials can be more enjoyable because you won't have to search that hard or worry about fastener damage that much. 

To learn more about what to do with metric fasteners, contact a supplier.