Suggestions For Those Using Tool And Cutter Grinders On Milling Cutters For The First Time

Posted on: 25 May 2022


If you use milling cutters a lot when fabricating workpieces, you'll eventually have to sharpen them and that's when you'll want to use a tool and cutter grinder. Using one for the first time won't be difficult thanks to these suggestions. 

Review the Degree of Bluntness For Milling Cutter 

The first order of business when using a tool and cutter grinding machine to sharpen a milling cutter is to assess the degree of bluntness that's present. Just how blunt is the milling cutter now? Making this assessment lets you know how much sharpening is required using a tool and cutter grinder.

Then you can use this grinding machine for an optimal period of time without overworking the milling cutter. You'll also be able to use this grinding machine in a way that restores the full potential of your milling cutters, making it easier to get optimal cutting from them going forward. 

Look at Part Diagrams 

If you truly have not used a tool and cutter grinder before, then it's a good idea to review its exact makeup before attempting to resharpen milling cutters. Then you'll have an idea of where each part is and what it does.

Once you select a tool and cutter grinder, it should have a diagram of each major part listed out. These components will include the wheel body, wheel head, base, table, tailstock, and grinding wheel. Familiarize yourself with each component so that you have ample confidence in using this grinding machine for the first time.

Use the Correct Speed Parameters for Grinding Wheel

The part you'll use to sharpen milling cutters that have become dull is the grinding wheel. In order for it to treat your milling cutters optimally, you need to make sure it's set at the correct speed. This may vary depending on what your milling cutter's characteristics are.

For this reason, spend time assessing your cutter's attributes and then seeing what grinding wheel speed can properly support them. You can consult with your grinding machine's manufacturer to get speed recommendations if you're not sure what is appropriate for this performance spec.

If you want to restore milling cutters by making them sharp once again, you can use a machine known as a tool and cutter grinder. As long as you spend time reviewing its makeup and know how to dial it in, you can sharpen milling cutters in a controlled and impactful manner. 

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